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 Zoom Meetings

As we all rush to adapt to these challenging times, Zoom and other Video Meeting platforms have become the norm for holding our day to day interactions. So to help those new to this way of working here are some simple tips.   

1. Check Your Camera

Before you join (more importantly)  look at what’s behind you. Tidy up that shelf! If you have space, use a “Pull Up Banner” to give you an easy corporate look. “Virtual Backgrounds” can work but may take more time to get it looking right especially if you need a green screen.

2. The angle of  The Camera

The first time you use it your probably be looking down at the camera, move your overall position so your more eye to eye

3. Stabilize Your Camera

If your camera is on a laptop and you type the camera will shake. Add a wireless keyboard and mouse to your setup. Better still if you can mount a webcam on a tripod. 

4. Can you be seen?

Typically Facing a window is best, if it’s behind you your face will be in shadow. A high-quality camera will adjust for this to some extent but better to move to a better position.

5. Lightning

If you cannot get natural lighting from a window, use a couple of lamps. Try to position light sources either side of you at 11 o’clock  and 2 o’clock (Bigger desk may be needed)

6. Bandwidth

Poor bandwidth will make your feed go blocky and others will not be able to see you properly. Check your connection and reduce other people’s usage until after the meeting.

7. Use “Ear Buds”

As the microphone is closer to you it picks up much less background noise. So, if you’re using a laptop its microphone will pick up the sound of your typing

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