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Getting Your IT Problems Resolved Fast

Why Remote Deskop Support Works

When the problem is hindering you from getting a job done, would you really want to wait for someone to drive out to you, spend five minutes making a few clicks then leaving, no it’s just not always necessary?

Depending on what the problem is, of course, I couldn’t recommend everything gets fixed via Remote Desktop, but many issues suit it fine.

Just one word of caution, Remote Desktop Support programs have been used by criminals to gain access to your PC, so only allow those you know to access your machines.

I can offer three ways to assist;

Share Your Screen.

Which means I can only see your desktop screen and not access it. Useful when all you need is a bit of direction

One time access.

You install a program and allow me access and then uninstall it once we have completed fixing the issue.

Remote Access & Monitoring Agent.

This is where I have an application installed that not only allows me access but monitors the system for problems



A Sample of What You Can Fix Via Remote support

Windows Problems

  • Install or Uninstall Applications
  • Run some diagnostics
  • System Cleanup
  • Check & install updates
  • Setup Shared Folders



  • Report Creation or Amending Sage 
  • Setup Mail Merge in Word
  • Fix Formula’s in Excel
  • Convert files 
  • Setup Email in Outlook etc


  • Setup VPN’s
  • Network Printers
  • NAS Drives
  • Router Changes


Some PC Problems That Are Better Resolved On-Site


  • Restoring the System
  • Registry Changes
  • Windows Recovery
  • Some additional Hardware 

Internet Failures

  •  No Connection no remote desktop connection

Hardware Failures

  • Blue Screen Of Death
  • System is Re-booting 
  • Virus corrupted operating system

so, do you need support now?

If yes, then lets get you booked in for a remote session.


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Service Areas

Typically if its only remote support you need it doesn’t matter, so anywhere in the UK is ok.

Local Support Areas

  • Carmarthenshire 
  • Ceredigion 
  • Pembrokeshire
  • Swansea 
  • Cardiff
  • Newport

Generally the South and West of Wales. I will travel further afield for special projects.


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