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Microsoft Support Ended on 14/01/2020

1. Anti-virus and internet security

If you are using a free version now is the time to pay, upgrade and to the best you can afford. This is now your frontline defense and preferably pick one that has that uses containment if a program or link is suspect.


2. Software

Keep all your software up to date this again is more important now Windows 7 is no longer receiving updates.

Google has said: “We will continue to fully support Chrome on Windows 7 for a minimum of 18 months from Microsoft’s end of life date, until at least 15 July 2021.” 


3. Avoid coming into contact with any malware.

Not the easiest thing to do but reducing what these systems do online and moving as much internet/email functions off them the better. In other words, only go to websites that you know. 

I would also recommend not using these Windows 7 systems for any online banking, use an app instead. For online accounts systems or payroll, again I wouldn’t out of choice.

4. Your Data

Make sure everything that is on these machines you have backed up and is not permanently attached to the machine. By securing all the data means in the event the system does take a hit, you have nothing to lose!

5. Email

You must be even more vigilant with emails coming in, never click unsolicited attachments or click links. If in doubt delete it or do not use a Windows 7 system for email.

So is it worth the worry?

The Microsoft Extended Support

At the time of this post, it will cost you £58 +VAT per machine per year to still have the updates.


Refurbish PC’s

I have seen Dell Optiplex’s go for less than £200 inc VAT for a Windows 10 Pro I3 system. They are a good option and for just a few more pounds than a Windows 10 pro license on its own.

New Pc’s

Yes, if you have the budget get new ones, I have given the specification I would go for below. 


Move to another Operating System

Well, you could move to Apple if you want to change all the systems, but that is a lot more money. Linux well its an option and there is nothing wrong with it apart from not it not mainstream. So not everything you may want to do is going to be available 

What PC Specification Do I Recommend?

Microsoft Minium Specification for Windows 10

If you have a Windows 7 Pc what are the minimum speciations for doing so?

Min 1Ghz Processor
Min 2Gb Ram
Min 20GB of disks pace


Personally, if you did an upgrade to 10 with that spec it would be pretty rubbish. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.



My Minium Specification for Windows 10 would be

Intel i3 processor running at minimum 3GHz 
Ram 6Gb(minimum) 8Gb would be best
Disk minimum have 50Gb-100Gb free. Go for an SSD if you can


 So, if your not sure what you should do, get in contact now!

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