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1. Calls Get Ended

If you have WiFi Calling Enabled on your phone and for no reason the call ends.  You check your signal and WiFi but they seam to be working fine.



2. The cause

There are a few reasons this could happen, but the main one is the phone decides to change its mind on what route it wants to connect your phone to the cell network. This doesn’t matter when you’re surfing the net but on a call, that small delay ends the call.



3. The Simple Fix 

Make sure your mobile device connects to the 2.4ghz channel on the Wi-Fi network, as it gives better coverage thus more stable within your home.



4. Can’t See a 2.4ghz Connection

This may because your router like “EE”‘ have chosen to group the Bands together. This is rubbish, you should be able to “Separate bands” from the router WiFi settings. You also probably need to give the channel a name add 5GHZ or 24GHZ to the name depending on which rating it is. makes it easier to identify from your device.



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